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The piggies have an extraterrestrial origin — they’re not like normal pigs!

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About Piggyextra terrestrialThe piggies have an extraterrestrial origin — they’re not like normal pigs!travelYoung Piggies are sent from their home planet, light years away, to get them away from the Piggies’ mortal enemies, who are attacking to steal the Piggies’ resourcesjailThe enemies have a habit of taking Piggies prisoner, because of all the treasure they collectHere’s how piggy reached youClansThe six Piggy clans were once in harmony on their distant planet, but infighting made them vulnerable to invasion. With the war looking like a lost cause, the Clans send their young ones across the universe to Earth, where they might grow in peace and someday help retake their planet!WarriorsThe Warriors hail from the craggy mountains of the Piggies’ home planet. They are resilient, defensive fighters, able to make the best out of difficult terrain and losing battles. A Warrior Piggy is at its most powerful when the enemy thinks it has the upper hand.warriorMangaThe Manga Clan are forest-dwellers, and exceptional treasure-hunters. But they are best known for their formidable attacking approach to battle — they fight often to the point of self-sacrifice. But their Clan has lost few skirmishes with this strategy. Their tenacity and ferocity in battle make them one of the most powerful Piggy Clans.MangaStrategistThe Strategists’ stronghold is a well-fortified port city; though all Clans prefer to keep to themselves, the Strategists understand the importance of trade. Their learned leaders pass on the keen ability to spy any enemy’s weaknesses and thoroughly exploit them.StrategistMusicianThe Musician Clan’s extraordinary cave system might be on the dark and dank side, but its incredible acoustic effects helped the first Piggy Musicians hone their art. It would be foolish to underestimate the Musicians in combat, though.MusicianGunslingerThe vast plains inhabited by the Gunslinger Clan have seen some of the most dramatic Piggy Clan battles. The Gunslingers are, of course, expert markspiggies, and are often the first to strike in battle. Though they prefer a ranged fight, Gunslingers are dependable partners first and foremost.GunslingerMagicianThe Magician Clan hail from a city of their own, and practice arcane arts passed down from generation to generation. Don’t be fooled by the wand and the hat — Magicians are not to be trifled with, for they are fighters and thinkers.Magician

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