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This is a place for Breeders Crafters Plant lovers (smokable or not) Can come and sell their products or just chat. Eventually be able to promote their businesses. I would love for you to stop by and at least leave a feedback or an idea how I can better this server.

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This server is the server to join

**If your a breeder of; insects, mammals, reptiles, fish, crustaceans. And what to get your name out there to sell or buy more

**If your a crafter of all things from wood working to tie-dying, and you want to get your products out there.

**If you love plants/mushrooms and propagate and need a place to buy more or sell some extra

**If you're into 420 growing or making other products

**If you just want to; chat, show off your products,need help, want to help and give tips and tricks or just play the bot games....

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